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Wicker Furniture Blog

Want to know everything there is to know about Wicker? Or maybe you are looking for a little design advice for your home, whatever the case check out our amazing home and Garden blog created with you in mind. We cover the latest design trends, information, and hot topics from around the globe right here in the one and only Wicker Paradise blog. If you want in on the action follow us on our social media networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and twitter and ask us questions. We may even turn your question into a blog post. Because we put our customer first, we offer you buying guides, secret tricks and tips, and design advice you can't find anywhere else all for free! Check out our articles and keep up with new posts all right here at the Wicker Paradise blog.
We go into everything wicker, home and decor in our article section. Covering the latest trends in wicker furniture, interesting finds, and helpful guides to assist you in your home decor projects. Make sure to follow Wicker Paradise on our social media networks to see future presentations and design inspiration. Ask us your questions about wicker and suggest future topics you would like articles or advice on. You may create the idea of our next featured article. Wicker is a universal design, consisting of knots, bends, twists, or other various patterns to create the woven look! Wicker Paradise is a established retailer of wicker furniture and rattan since 1982. Make sure to view our collection of wicker furniture and rattan furniture articles. You will find buying guides, history of wicker/rattan, and other tips. It's a great variety of information and resources right at your fingertips.

Make sure to check out our helpful wicker furniture guides as you quickly learn what to look for in long term quality wicker to enjoy in your decor. Topics include: how to take care of your outdoor wicker furniture, wicker cushions cleaning guide, and even our most requested how to install a wicker headboard guide!

How to Choose Your Wicker Furniture!

  • One of the most common questions people have when deciding which wicker furniture set to choose is " Should I choose natural wicker or synthetic wicker for my room or area?"

  • 1. For an indoor room or area in our opinion there is nothing that compares with the natural beauty, texture, and inviting feeling that natural wicker, rattan or seagrass conveys. Your family and friends will enjoy that special feeling of relaxation and good company that comfortable wicker furniture will provide. That special mood and feeling that wicker furniture creates has had many people living in their wicker room rather than their formal living room. Wicker Paradise wicker furniture and rattan furniture is made in one piece and fully assembled prior to delivery. The tightness of fit at the joints and the extra support in our products ensures you of many years of reliable use. Some of our competitors will bring their furniture into this country in pieces and do the final assembly here. Those shortcuts lessen the strength and durability of their furniture.

    2. For a screened porch or front porch the choice between natural wicker or synthetic wicker is a function of the conditions or your area. If you area faces North and or is prone to the growth or mold and mildew we would recommend the synthetic product over the natural product. Cleaning the synthetic product is much easier to do than natural wicker. If you area is only going to receive occasional wind blown rain and the furniture will not be sitting in water than you are free to choose a natural product.

    3. For total outdoor areas there is no choice. You should choose a synthetic wicker or rattan product. On our website all the synthetic products are shown in the outdoor wicker furniture section. At Wicker Paradise our synthetic wicker is framed on powder-coated aluminum frames for many years of carefree use.

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