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10 Most "Nap-Able" Wicker Furniture Pieces

Wicker furniture is designed to be stylish and practical for the whole family. Many specialty pieces of wicker furniture will provide deep levels of comfort and rejuvenate you through great rest! If you work hard and play hard, why not relax hard? Enjoy 10 of our best wicker furniture pieces that promote relaxation!

By | Mon, 16 Sep 2013 11:02:00 EST

The Reality of Today's Lifestyle and Why you Need Good Nap Wicker:

In today's fast paced world, the end of the day should be a time of relaxation and slowing down preparing for the days ahead of us. Recharge our batteries like our favorite technology. Yes, that means shut off that iPhone, have a conversation with your loved ones and get back into "the good old days." Since many years ago there was a lack of addicting technological devices, people made sure to get their own time in to de-stress and rest!

What would these people do when it was not time or appropriate to go back into their beds? Simple. Time was spent to decorate the home you loved to be in, making sure to create a comfortable environment for your guests and loved ones. This meant using cozy furniture as a vehicle to express your personal style and a great opportunity to get a good nap in and relax. Wicker is our style, our passion, enjoy these 10 pieces of ours that will help you get some much needed rest!

10. Rattan Sleeper Sofa

I was not kidding when I wanted to start off this countdown with our best wicker furniture nap time pieces. The best substitute for a bed when not available and certainly an upgrade with rattan style showcased!

9. White Wicker Chaise Lounge

This white wicker chaise lounge is style your grandmother would have loved! Keep that traditional wicker look, add in plush cushions, and hours later you shall wake up rested.

8. Outdoor Wicker Armless Chaise

An outdoor wicker chaise is meant for some serious sun bathing. We hope you like your wicker chaise to adjust, because you have four adjustable back positions. There are no wicker arms on this piece for unconstrained wicker goodness.

7. Deluxe Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Chaise

Living in America, everyone loves to super size everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive. Super sizing furniture is welcome if size is not a restriction. This outdoor wicker chaise is armless, DOUBLE the size with the ability to adjust like an old hospital bed at both top and bottom of the wicker chaise. Talk about comfy!

6. Wicker Porch Swing

When I think of porches, I think of wicker. Upgrade your porch easily with a wicker porch swing installed with hardware you can get at a local hardware store. The only wicker furniture loveseat deemed nap worthy, our classic wicker porch swing. Outdoor wicker is low maintenance so you will spend less time cleaning it and more time enjoying the swing!

5. Rattan Sofa

The plan is simple. Work is over, time to lay down on your natural rattan sofa. You know what to do, pillows for your head and if your the type, go ahead and grab your favorite blanket.

4. Rattan Chaise

The best tropical nap period! Rich brown rattan with wicker styling, thick bottom and back cushion, this chaise will delight you with it's wide arms. My friend, I have a lot of sleep to catch up on!

3. "L Shaped" Outdoor Wicker Sectional

A more compact version of our large scaled outdoor wicker sectional. This one certainly gets the job done for a good days rest!

2. Outdoor Wicker Sectional

Luxury outdoor wicker at it's finest! Use an outdoor wicker sectional to fill in large area's of open space in your patio. They make great sleepers. When your over 6 feet and you want some shut eye, sometimes you just need your space!

1. Outdoor Wicker Bed

For the workaholics that cannot simply make it from the driveway to their bedroom. Just head to the patio and crash on this amazing outdoor wicker bed. It has a canopy to shield you, throw pillows inside for decoration and many angles to enjoy resting inside!

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