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Does It Look Ok To Put A TV In A Sunroom?

Entertainment for everyone or leave the television out of the tranquil sunroom environment?

By | Fri, 14 Feb 2014 03:18:00 EST

The art of interior design often times has to come in contact with practicality and family needs. The sunroom can be one of the most visited rooms in your home, and if you don’t have a television set propped up in the corner ready for your family’s viewing pleasure you can find yourself on the receiving end of some unpleasant feedback.

So the question really is, can you reconcile style with your family’s recreational needs in your sunroom?

To answer the question in simple terms, the answer is yes but it does depend on several factors.

For example, the last thing you should do is setup a 42 inch flat-screen as the focal point of your sunroom. The entire point of having a sunroom is to relax and enjoy natural sunlight without leaving the comfort of the interior of your home, not to sit and watch sports all day. For this reason it can be tricky to install television without losing the spaces charm. However, it can be done.

If you want a television in your sunroom then consider creating a hideaway entertainment center that doesn’t distract from the beauty of the room. You can do this by either crafting one yourself or by having one installed professionally. Remember to include your colors, patterns, and styles that already exist in the room with your new entertainment center. Let it complement your sunroom and use the extra cabinet space for storage of your family’s clutter. Of course, another option is to use your sunroom strictly as a recreational room where you and the kiddos can watch movies on the weekend and during the week it can be quieter, private space just for you to enjoy without distractions.

Either way, televisions can add a dimension of recreation to your sunroom and make it the most popular location in the house. It is up to you to mesh style and entertainment to please all the senses.

Anything can be done in the interior design world. Rules were meant to be broken and can be done in such fabulous ways! Go to the next level of enjoyment by fine tuning your design scheme with a hint of creativity!

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