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Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture: An Essential Guide for Buyers

Outdoor furniture can completely transform your backyard, patio, or deck into a comfortable and stylish living space. Wicker furniture has been a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to its durability, style, and functionality. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about outdoor wicker furniture, including its benefits, types, maintenance, and more.

Benefits of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • 1. Durability: Wicker furniture is made from natural materials like rattan or synthetic materials like resin, making it resistant to weather and wear.
  • 2. Comfort: Wicker furniture provides a comfortable seating option with its cushioned seats and backs, perfect for relaxing outdoors.
  • 3. Style: Wicker furniture offers a wide range of styles and colors, making it easy to find a piece that fits your taste and outdoor decor.
  • 4. Versatility: Wicker furniture can be used in various outdoor spaces, such as a patio, deck, or pool area, and can complement any outdoor design.
  • Types of Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • 1. Chairs: Wicker chairs come in different shapes and sizes, from lounge chairs to dining chairs, and can be paired with cushions for added comfort.
  • 2. Sofas and Sectionals: Wicker sofas and sectionals offer a comfortable seating option for outdoor living spaces and come in various sizes to fit your needs.
  • 3. Tables: Wicker tables can be used for dining or as accent pieces, and are available in different shapes and sizes to fit your outdoor space.
  • 4. Ottomans: Wicker ottomans provide a comfortable place to rest your feet and can also serve as additional seating.
  • Factors to Consider When Buying Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • 1. Material: Choose between natural wicker, which is made from rattan, or synthetic wicker, which is made from resin. Synthetic wicker is more durable and requires less maintenance than natural wicker.
  • 2. Cushions: Look for cushions that are weather-resistant and made from quality materials to ensure longevity.
  • 3. Frame: The frame of the furniture should be sturdy and made from materials like aluminum or steel for added durability.
  • 4. Design: Consider the style of the wicker furniture and how it will fit into your outdoor space.
  • 5. Price: Wicker furniture can vary in price, so consider your budget before making a purchase.
  • Maintaining Outdoor Wicker Furniture

  • 1. Cleaning: Wipe down the furniture regularly with a damp cloth and mild soap to remove dirt and debris.
  • 2. Storage: Store your wicker furniture indoors or under a covered area during the winter months to protect it from harsh weather conditions.
  • 3. Sunlight: Wicker furniture can fade if exposed to direct sunlight, so consider using a furniture cover or placing it in a shaded area.

  • Outdoor wicker furniture is a stylish and comfortable addition to any outdoor living space. It provides durability, comfort, style, and versatility to your backyard or patio. When purchasing outdoor wicker furniture, consider factors such as material, design, and price, and be sure to maintain it regularly to prolong its lifespan.


    1. Is wicker furniture waterproof?
  • While wicker furniture is water-resistant, it is not completely waterproof. It is recommended to store it indoors or under a covered area during heavy rain.
  • 3. Can I use indoor wicker furniture outdoors?
  • No, indoor wicker furniture is not suitable for outdoor use as it is not designed to withstand the weather.
  • 5. How do I clean outdoor wicker furniture?
  • You can clean outdoor wicker furniture with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.
  • 6. Do I need to cover my outdoor wicker furniture during the winter months?
  • Yes, it is recommended to store your outdoor wicker furniture indoors or under a covered area during the winter months to protect it from harsh weather conditions.
  • 7. Can I leave my wicker furniture in direct sunlight?
  • It is not recommended to leave your wicker furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods as it can cause fading and damage to the material. Consider using a furniture cover or placing it in a shaded area.
  • 8. How long does outdoor wicker furniture last?
  • The lifespan of outdoor wicker furniture depends on various factors such as the material, maintenance, and usage. With proper maintenance, synthetic wicker furniture can last up to 15 years.
  • 9. How can I protect my wicker furniture from pests?
  • To protect your wicker furniture from pests such as insects or rodents, store it in a dry and covered area when not in use, and regularly clean it to remove any debris that can attract pests.
  • 10. Can I paint my wicker furniture?
  • Yes, you can paint your wicker furniture to give it a new look. However, make sure to use a paint that is suitable for outdoor use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

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    Outdoor Wicker Furniture Reviews

    We received our outdoor wicker furniture this past week and we could not be more happy. The set is absolutely beautiful! The set came in perfect condition. We just ordered another two wicker pieces via a phone order with Greg who was very pleasant and professional. Our entire experience from the time I called and spoke to Elana who was great to now has been awesome and helped us pick the contemporary Lane Venture wicker furniture that looks amazing in our home.

    In the future, we will not think twice about shopping at Wicker Paradise again.

    Best regards,

    Fred K Smyrna, TN

    Dear Greg,

    Bruce and I wanted to express our thanks to you and your company for the great job you all did on our behalf. You worked diligently with us to find outdoor wicker furniture that would fit our needs, budget and very tight time frame. You also facilitated the custom cushions with fabric to match our other wicker pieces and everything was shipped and arrived on time in perfect condition. The entire experience was great and we want to thank you and your firm. It is not often that this level of service is found so we wanted to applaud your efforts.

    Best regards,

    Jane and Bruce K.

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    Spruce up your patio with furniture from Wicker Paradise! Here you will find a fine collection of all-weather wicker designed for the great outdoors. All of our outdoor collections are all weather, synthetic furniture. Every piece features a high-quality poly resin coating that protects your tables and chairs against anything nature dishes out making for easier cleaning and maintenance as well. Choose from the many styles we offer and design your dream space. Whether you're looking for a pool lounging vibe or island elegant, Wicker Paradise has it all!

    If you're planning to decorate your back yard, porch, or patio, then outdoor wicker is for you. It is important to select the right type of material that is especially manufactured for outdoor use. Like the name suggests, all-weather wicker is designed to withstand every type of condition, including harsh weather atmospheres. All-weather wicker will not fade, spoil, or rust. In addition to function, however, wicker furniture is also visually stunning. It brings unique texture into your decorating scheme and instantly creates a casual atmosphere. With our wide selection of sunbrella fabrics to choose from, you are sure to find a pattern or color scheme that you can�t live without.

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