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How to Mix and Match Wicker Furniture with your Existing Decor

Combinations of Wicker, Wood, Aluminum and Upholstery for a Unique Living Space!

By | Mon, 17 Feb 2014 02:15:00 EST

Interior design is our opportunity to express ourselves through our home. Our favorite colors, fabrics, and styles reflect our personalities. Of course, it isn’t always easy to decide the best way to match our favorite styles with one another. If you love wicker furniture as much as we do then you might have run into the problem of matching your wicker with your existing Décor. To help you beautify your home with your new wicker furniture we have come with several tips to bring peace to your interior design.

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  • Focus on Colors and Patterns

    Certain colors reflect different styles. For example, dark greens, browns, and reds often give off a more traditional vibe then pale blues, bright greens, and white. Start by defining your space to figure out what your bare bones are. If you have a traditional 60s style sofa and a wicker end table you can make it work. Tie the room together with a fun colored throw or accent pillows and perhaps a bamboo rug that gives the room a certain bohemian feel.

    Embrace what you already have

    Most of us have a few favorite items in our home that we simply could never part with. When you are attempting to match new furniture with the old you have to figure out what are must items, and what items can be tossed. Wicker is very versatile and looks great with many modern pieces. Glass coffee tables and even some metals look great with wicker, so keep these pieces and get rid of the rest.

    Match wood textures and Shades

    If your room is full of dark furniture then make a point to purchase dark wicker. If the other wood pieces throughout your home have intricate patterns than purchase wicker that has a plain pattern. The point is to compliment your furniture and avoid clashing the colors. If you can match even the shade of color then the pattern of your new wicker won’t matter.

    Remember that Mix and Match is Trending Now

    You really cannot go wrong with mixing and matching your existing furniture pieces with new and beautiful wicker furniture. With mix and matching pieces trending right now it actually looks great to have traditional pieces in the same room with brand spanking new furniture. In other words, don’t worry about your living room, patio, or dining room not matching perfectly. In reality, your space can look absolutely fabulous without a perfectly matching furniture set.

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