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Sunroom Furniture

Congratulations on your new sunroom, or deciding to redo your existing room with new sunroom furniture. We at Wicker Paradise can help you choose furniture design ideas for the sunroom of your dreams with many exotic looks of wicker, rattan, abaca, or seagrass furniture. Sunroom decorating has never been easier with wicker furniture, rattan and woven seagrass, all natural renewable materials that reflect your unique qualities and personality. The combination of quality sunroom furniture and the ability to choose from among many indoor/outdoor fabrics with comfortable cushions made in the USA will help you make your sunroom the finest room in your home. Turn your sunroom into the heart of your home. Multifunctional and versatile, the sunroom can be a place of tranquility and casual entertainment area. Give the room the presence it deserves by choosing natural wicker furniture for indoor use. Sunlight is your best friend during the day and darkness creates a relaxed casual environment at night. You can even use a television in your sunroom. You have always wanted that inviting casual environment, browse our patio wicker furniture sets today and make it a reality! Sunrooms have a charm unlike any other. Consumers look to Wicker Paradise's sunroom furniture to complement their gorgeous rooms with additional texture, romance and color. Design your sunroom with rattan wicker furniture in mind for your perfect tranquil paradise as you sit and enjoy the view and your outdoor furniture.

The History of Sunroom Furniture

Sunrooms, also known as solariums, were originally created to bring the outdoors inside for people who did not have adequate exposure to sunlight. The furniture used in sunrooms has come a long way from the simple chairs and tables of its inception.

Rich Europeans wanted to bring the outdoors inside, so they started constructing solariums in the early 16th century. These glass-and-stone enclosures were used to keep out the rain and snow while still letting in plenty of natural light. During this time, tables and chairs tailored to the dimensions of sunrooms first appeared on store shelves. Traditional sunroom pieces were often crafted from wicker or wood and decorated with ornate carvings that were inspired by the outdoors.

Midway through the 19th century, advancements in glass manufacturing made possible more elaborate designs that gave homeowners greater control over the amount of light entering their homes. As a result, sunrooms became increasingly popular among city dwellers who yearned for a peaceful retreat inside their homes. Along with this trend came a rise in the need for stylish patio sets. Companies like Heywood Wakefield capitalized on this fad by manufacturing high-quality wicker furniture for use in sunroom decor, creating a comfortable and welcoming room for hosting guests.

By the end of the nineteenth century, sunroom furnishings had taken on a more contemporary look. Functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture was made using metal and synthetic wicker. Latticework, cabriole legs, and ornate carvings were typical embellishments on such furniture. New cushion materials also made it possible for sunroom seating to be even more comfortable than it had been in the past.

In the 20th century, sunroom furniture mirrored the increasing complexity of technology. Materials advancements allowed for the creation of furniture that could endure hot climates and frequent exposure to UV rays. The ability to add personal touches to one's home, such as lighting and audio systems, was a major design goal for many manufacturers who produced one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sunroom furniture has come a long way since its early days, with options now available to suit any aesthetic preference or budget. Everyone seeking comfort and beauty in their outdoor space will find a wide selection of options, from modern pieces crafted from durable metals like stainless steel or aluminum to classic designs featuring natural-looking wood finishes. In addition, many retailers stock specially treated fabrics that are impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight and other environmental factors.

There is a sunroom furniture set available that will allow you to create the ideal outdoor living area for your home, regardless of your desired aesthetic. It's no surprise that more and more people are turning to these fashionable options when it's time to upgrade their outdoor spaces, as the industry continues to experience a wave of innovation in terms of materials, construction methods, and design aesthetics.

All about Sunroom Design and Furniture Ideas

The options for furnishing and decorating a sunroom are virtually limitless. Having windows means not only can you let in plenty of natural light and fresh air, but also that you can furnish the area in a way that truly makes it your own. With some forethought, your sunroom can become a cozy retreat.

Think about how many seats you'll need and which pieces will make the room feel warm and inviting when choosing sunroom furniture. Large sofas and sectionals can seat many people, while individual chairs and benches can create a cozier atmosphere. Choose linen or cotton blends that are resistant to fading from the sun's rays and are both durable and comfortable. Pick out lightweight furniture that can be relocated with minimal effort.

In addition to the furniture, think about accessorizing your space with things like patterned area rugs, plants for color and texture, soft lighting (like lamps with dimmer switches) for a relaxing evening, and artwork or photographs that capture the spirit of the place.

Neutral colors can create a soothing ambiance, while vibrant hues can inject energy into a room. Materials like wood add texture and character to a sunroom and accentuate any design scheme you choose to use. Adding a bold, colorful, or patterned ottoman can be a great way to make a statement and give a room a one-of-a-kind look.

When planning the layout of your sunroom, remember that natural light will not be present in all months of the year. This means that you should choose pieces of furniture that can be used effectively in both winter and summer. This is especially important when deciding on window treatments, as sheer curtains or bamboo shades let in light during the day but provide privacy at night.

A beautiful sanctuary where friends and family can gather in any season can be achieved by planning ahead and incorporating considerations for environmental factors like climate swings into sunroom design ideas.

Sunrooms, unlike any other room in the house, have a charm unlike any other. Many customers have sunrooms with high ceilings, glass windows, fine wood panels, and beautiful floors. All they need is the perfect set of sunroom furniture to complete their room and make it an entertaining and enjoying area. Consumers look to Wicker Paradise's sunroom furniture to complement their gorgeous rooms with additional texture, romance and color. Sunroom accessories like small rattan tables and unique rattan wicker furniture chairs tie in your existing looks to perfection.

Sunroom Furniture Set Review

We were extremely impressed by the wicker furniture that we received from Wicker Paradise. I was hesitant about ordering something that I couldn't see in person, however the wicker furniture was even nicer then we imagined. The color was true to the sample on the site. I would recommend this site to anyone. The ordering to the receiving of our merchandise went smoothly and we did receive it within the three weeks that is promised on the site! That was important to me!! Thank you for our experience with your company!

Adrianne R

Quentin, PA

Sunrooms are one of the most fitting locations to decorate with wicker.

Light, earthy, and gorgeous wicker furniture works perfectly alongside any outdoor furniture or sunroom. Here at Wicker Paradise we specialize in sunroom furniture for your new home or makeover room all at some of the lowest prices available. Not only do we offer individual furniture pieces but we also make it easy on you by drawing up complete sets that match each other perfectly.

Never fuss with another overpriced piece of furniture for the sunroom again! The answer to your designing dreams is simple, buy a sunroom wicker furniture set! There is nothing quite like a naturally lit sunroom with gorgeous decorations and furniture. Cuddling up to a good book on a summer afternoon in the sunroom is about the most peaceful thing you could ever do.

Instead of guessing what furniture will look best in your sunroom, consider matching your current decor to one of many gorgeous wicker furniture sets that we have available. From speckled to solid, we have every color conceivable ready for your new sunroom. Every style of rattan and wicker is also a part of our extensive collection for your buying experience.

All of our sets are aptly named so you can easily navigate through our buying process to determine which set you are purchasing. For example, one of our sunroom sets is named Lanai which is a Hawaiian name and represents a lighter colored set which features a sunny palm tree patterned pillow and cushion combination. Additionally, if you love the color of the furniture but aren't crazy about the cushion pattern we can help you find the right style for you. We offer several replacement cushion styles that are bound to fit in your home.

Take a look at our many sunroom wicker furniture sets to decide on the right pattern and style for your taste and budget today!

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