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10 SUPER CUTE - Dogs in Wicker Furniture Pictures!

Man's best friends looking so cute in these wicker dog beds.

By | Thu, 12 Feb 2014 07:23:00 EST

My vote for cutest dog of the year! So small and adorable nested in this wicker basket.

An interesting position to sleep with paws together and head on the side. Another cute wicker basket as a bed picture.

Meet Coco. The Wicker Paradise family dog. Here she is posing in our very first dog bed we made. She did a great job and of course got her treat shortly after!

This rectangular wicker bed combined with a blanket makes this canine ready to snooze the day away!

Talk about fun in the sun. Beautiful patio wicker dog bed allows this poof ball to get shade and relax!

Close buddies taking care and using each other for extra warmth!

A wicker dog bed like a a work of art. Cutie not included!

Sometimes dogs make their own beds! This dog loves resting his head in between some natural white wicker.

This pug has our attention with it's adorable aura. He is not in sleep mode yet, he's simply recharging for you!

This is what I call the professional sleeper! This dog has plenty of experience snuggling up and in this case enjoying the wicker basket bed.

Let us know which one of these pictures is your favorite!

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