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Using Your iPad For Design Inspiration

Apps that showcase furniture and design setups.

By | Fri, 04 Apr 2014 07:21:00 EST

Transforming your home into everything youíve ever wanted it to be can be a difficult process. From choosing what style of drapes you will hang in the living room, to how many pieces of furniture you can get in the sunroom can be overwhelming. Without the added benefit of proper measurements and an understanding of the design process you could find yourself confused and lost. However, advancements in technology have revealed new ways to decide on a design before you actually make any purchases. Now instead of hiring an interior designer all you have to do is download an App for your iPad to help you make the best decisions. Here are 5 of the most popular Design apps you can download.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This App can be downloaded for free via iTunes and allows you to design every room in your home for free. You can find true inspiration from this app as it is collection of everything you can imagine all in one convenient location.

Interior Design

Whether you are changing the entire layout of your homeís interior or just adding new furniture into your home, this app can help you make the best decisions. Although the app is on the expensive side, it does offer you plenty of customizing options to add and remove.

Home Interior Layout Designer-Mark On Call

Measurements and room dimensions are extremely important to the interior design process. If you donít have accurate measurements to go off of then you could turn a potentially beautiful design job into a complete disaster. Avoid a disaster by downloading this app for just $2.99


With SnapShop you can visualize any piece of furniture in your home with the snap of a photo on your iPhone. You can use the built in category images to drop and drag to your interior space and see how it will look and fit. The bonus is that the app is 100% free.


This app allows you to experiment with real products and paint colors in your own home environment. High quality 3D images allow you to get a real life example of your choices before you actually make them. The app is free so you have nothing to lose. Take your designing to a whole new level with these apps, and make the right decision on your furniture before you make a purchase.

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