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Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa

Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
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Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Sale Price:$3,049 (You Save:17%)
With 15% Off:$2,591.65
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scene bermudascene cilantroscene ivoryscene navyvesper aquavesper ashvesper barleyvesper birchvesper brickvesper charcoalvesper cilantrovesper cinnamonvesper citrusvesper clayvesper cornflowervesper denimvesper driftwoodvesper fogvesper fossilvesper gardenvesper horizonvesper indigovesper ivoryvesper javavesper leafvesper onyxvesper palmvesper papyrusvesper patriotvesper pebblevesper pistachiovesper puttyvesper rubyvesper sangriavesper seaglassvesper skyvesper sootvesper stonevesper terravesper vaporvesper wavevesper whitealleyway ebony(+207)anthem cactus(+207)anthem dove(+207)anthem harbor(+207)anthem spring(+207)armada cilantro(+207)armada navy(+207)astoria sunset(+207)brannon redwood(+207)brannon whisper(+207)bravada limelight(+207)bravada salsa(+207)dolce mango(+207)dolce oasis(+207)hollis cilantro(+207)hollis navy(+207)jamestown coastal(+207)morph lunar(+207)morph parchment(+207)morph pebble(+207)morph putty(+207)morph salt(+207)morph stone(+207)rib stripe beige(+207)rib stripe indigo(+207)slats cactus(+207)slats harbor(+207)slats riviera(+207)slats sangria(+207)slats taupe(+207)stanton greystone(+207)stanton lagoon(+207)esti dune(+207)esti garden(+207)esti granite(+207)esti harbor(+207)esti riviera(+207)esti sangria(+207)kira ash(+207)kira cloud(+207)kira dune(+207)kira pebble(+207)kira terracotta(+207)mod stripe charcoal(+207)mod stripe dune(+207)mod stripe sage(+207)mod stripe sapphire(+207)provence coral(+207)provence pewter(+207)provence sky(+207)sarasota blueberry(+207)sarasota dune(+207)sarasota harbor(+207)sarasota navy(+207)sarasota spring(+207)haiku cherry(+620)hexagons aqua(+620)hexagons azure(+620)hexagons charcoal(+620)hexagons cream(+620)hexagons navy(+620)kuno classic(+620)kuno coal(+620)kuno garden(+620)kuno sky(+620)mexicali ombre seaspray(+620)montecito charcoal(+620)montecito cornflower(+620)patchwork aqua(+620)tie dye stripe grey(+620)tie dye stripe blue(+620)tropical leaves palm(+620)watercolor view breeze(+620)watercolor view chalk(+620)chevron toss grotto(+620)chevron toss leaf(+620)chevron toss quarry(+620)chevron toss rust(+620)chevron toss terracotta(+620)graphic tropic jungle(+620)guinea quarry(+620)guinea terracotta(+620)mudcloth traingles natural(+620)painterly frame garden(+620)painterly frame peacock(+620)painterly frame sand(+620)shibori lattice aqua(+620)shibori lattice dune(+620)shibori lattice quarry(+620)shibori lattice rust(+620)shibori lattice sage(+620)shibori lattice sapphire(+620)shoal in aqua(+620)shoal in sapphire(+620)vevi in dune(+620)vevi in garden(+620)vevi in grotto(+620)vevi in terracotta(+620)acadia leaf garden(+1035)adorn meadow(+1035)aloha bermuda(+1035)aloha guava(+1035)aloha spring(+1035)amaru luxe charcoal(+1035)dragonfly twirl chocolate(+1035)dragonfly twirl linen(+1035)leafy branches spring(+1035)vibrating hexagons indigo(+1035)vibrating hexagons palm(+1035)vibrating hexagons peony(+1035)vibrating hexagons stone(+535)watercolor stems indigo(+535)watercolor stems mist(+535)citrus lime(+1035)citrus tangerine(+1035)shaded angles dune(+1035)shaded angles indigo(+1035)shaded angles leaf(+1035)shaded angles quarry(+1035)shima bloom graphite(+1035)shima bloom indigo(+1035)shima bloom leaf(+1035)shima bloom pomegranate(+1035)stitched mosaic in canyon(+1035)stitched mosaic in contempo(+1035)stitched mosaic in crystalize(+1035)stitched mosaic in tropical(+1035)
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Qty:no assembly required
Availability:Usually ships in 4-6 weeks
Item Number:790-03
Dimensions:84 Inches Wide, 38 Inches Deep, 35 Inches High.

Lane Venture South Hampton Chair
Price: $1,727
Sale Price: $1,517
With 15% Off:$1,289.45
Lane Venture South Hampton Loveseat
Price: $2,852
Sale Price: $2,509
With 15% Off:$2,132.65
Lane Venture South Hampton Sofa
Price: $3,657
Sale Price: $3,049
With 15% Off:$2,591.65
Lane Venture South Hampton Ottoman
Price: $1,092
Sale Price: $945
With 15% Off:$803.25

The center piece of your outdoor living area, the South Hampton wicker sofa will dazzle your senses and enhance the quality of your seating enjoyment! Please note cushions are all fiber outdoor fill in choice of drainable or reversible.

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84 Inches Wide, 38 Inches Deep, 35 Inches High.

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