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Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Treasure Garden Umbrellas
Since 1984, Treasure Garden has built a reputation of leadership by producing top quality, custom-made, handcrafted umbrellas. Combining advanced technology with the latest color and fabric trends, we continue to enhance our products and their performance every year. We are committed to providing the largest and most innovative selection of shade solutions to suit all your needs and include umbrella lighting and furniture cover protection.

Treasure garden umbrellas, as the name suggests, is a range of garden umbrellas that our company provides. These umbrellas are known for their quality, design, passionate handcraft, and the fact that they are custom-made. We aim to produce the best products for our clients. Therefore, we make sure that we use the best quality fabrics, engage with the latest trends, and combine our work with technology to produce the best umbrellas. We are passionate about enhancing the quality of our products and improve our efficiency with each passing year. Colors can change everything. Whether it is the decoration or the vibe of a room, color can change the theme and set the mood right. This is why we provide the largest range of colors to cater our clients. Be it any occasion, we have the best umbrellas starting from lighting umbrellas to furniture cover protection. We aim to play with ideas and bring innovation to this industry. Our team of experts are very consistent with designing and testing new umbrellas to provide our clients with more options. They use their creativity to play with technology and engage with the changing trends to bring the perfect product that fulfills the needs of our clients. This is one feature of our Treasure Garden umbrellas that make us stand out among the thousands of options available in the market today. This is what leads to our growth as a brand and also ensures our future growth as a company. Treasure Garden umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. There is a huge variety of colors and patterns to choose from, starting from solid fabric to textures and patterns. Whether you want a garden umbrella for your beach house or to put it in a café or in your backyard garden, we have the best products for you. We have often come across people complaining about how weak their umbrella stand is. Well, this was one of the things that our team of experts focused on the most. We made sure that we provide only the best stand for our clients. The stands we provide are sturdy, stylish, and well-suited to support the umbrellas above. We have these stands both in wooden as well as aluminum. If you are looking for separate parts for your garden umbrellas, we provide that too. The umbrella bases that we have are available in different designs and shapes. There are different options for lighting available in our product range. You can choose the perfect lighting for your umbrellas as per your requirement. The best part about our umbrella collection is that we offer fabrics for garden umbrellas separately as well. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The shade range that we have is irresistible and our team ensures that the garden umbrella looks spectacular in every fabric that our client puts their hands on. We have fabrics with numerous textures and designs that will surely make your place look marvelous in every setting. To fully cater the needs of our clients and to understand their needs and requirements, in our company, we function as a vertically integrated manufacturer. This makes us more available in the market and helps us respond to the demands of our clients much faster. It is our passion for quality, creativity, innovation, and the desire to fulfill the needs of our clients that led us on this path. To your surprise, we manufacture and produce more than 90% of the parts and components that are used in our products. This helps our team to have the chance to monitor each and every product. For us, it is the quality of even the tiniest part that matters. This is why we make sure to use the best components by producing them ourselves.

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