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Four Seasons Chair Cushions

Four Seasons Chair Cushions
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Sale Price:$529 (You Save:11%)
With 15% Off:$449.65
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bubbly taupebubbly snowbubbly smokebubbly stuccolifeguard aqualifeguard blueberrylifeguard cabanalifeguard caviarlifeguard dovelifeguard harborlifeguard khakilifeguard lapislifeguard leaflifeguard oysterlifeguard springlifeguard steellifeguard taupelifeguard wickerscene cilantroscene navystorm greystorm linenstorm snowstorm steelvesper aquavesper ashvesper barleyvesper birchvesper charcoalvesper cilantrovesper cinnamonvesper fogvesper granitevesper indigovesper ivoryvesper pistachiovesper puttyvesper sangriavesper sapphirevesper sootvesper stonevesper brickvesper clayvesper driftwoodvesper javavesper mistvesper onyxvesper palmvesper papyrusvesper patriotvesper pebblevesper rubyvesper seaglassvesper skyvesper vaporvesper wavevesper whitealleyway ebony(+110)anthem dove(+110)anthem harbor(+110)armada cilantro(+110)armada navy(+110)confections smoke(+110)confections sea(+110)ely dune(+110)ely fog(+110)ely guava(+110)esti dune(+110)esti harbor(+110)esti riviera(+110)esti sangria(+110)hollis cilantro(+110)hollis navy(+110)kira ash(+110)kira cloud(+110)kira dune(+110)kira pebble(+110)kira terracotta(+110)martha indigo(+110)martha mushroom(+110)mod stripe charcoal(+110)mod stripe dune(+110)mod stripe sage(+110)morph salt(+110)morph sand(+110)nurture cloud(+110)nurture stone(+110)preview dove(+110)preview wren(+110)provence coral(+110)provence navy(+110)provence pewter(+110)provence sky(+110)ticking aegean(+110)ticking mushroom(+110)thatch granite(+110)thatch limestone(+110)thatch marble(+110)arda dew(+249)arda charcoal(+249)arda cloud(+249)arda granite(+249)chevron toss grotto(+249)chevron toss leaf(+249)chevron toss quarry(+249)chevron toss rust(+249)chic linen(+249)chic smoke(+249)jacobean floral pewter(+249)montecito cornflower(+249)mudcloth traingles natural(+249)painterly frame garden(+249)painterly frame peacock(+249)painterly frame sand(+249)paisley classic(+249)paisley harbor(+249)paisley spring(+249)shibori lattice dune(+249)shibori lattice quarry(+249)shibori lattice sapphire(+249)shoal in aqua(+249)shoal in sapphire(+249)slats cactus(+249)slats harbor(+249)slats sangria(+249)slats taupe(+249)tamarindo meadow(+249)tamarindo mesquite(+249)tie dye stripe(+249)tropical leaves palm(+249)vevi in dune(+249)vevi in garden(+249)watercolor view breeze(+249)whittle birch(+249)whittle moonlight(+249)whittle sky(+249)whittle spring(+249)adorn meadow(+318)amaru luxe charcoal(+318)leafy branches spring(+318)shima bloom graphite(+318)
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Made in USA
Availability:Ships in 8 Weeks.
Item Number:320-01

Four Seasons Chair Cushions
Price: $595
Sale Price: $529
With 15% Off:$449.65
Four Seasons Loveseat Cushions -Outside Dimensions 54 inches
Price: $1,056
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Four Seasons Sofa Cushions
Price: $1,395
Sale Price: $1,243
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Price: $510
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How to Clean Your Cushions

Spot Cleaning Method

This is the tried and true method for any outdoor fabric. Simply take a soft bristle brush, a bucket of water with soap solution in it (you can use a dish detergent like Dawn or Palmolive). Once you have these items ready put the brush into the soapy solution and start scrubbing the area, rinse it off with clean water and let it air dry.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Same as above. Spot cleaning with a soft bristle brush and soap and water. You can rinse off with a hose and let the outdoor wicker air dry.

How to Maintain Natural Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Natural products such as wicker and rattan do not need much to keep in great condition. Every few months you can take a spray bottle with water and wipe down the frame with a rag or cloth. This will keep the finish fresh since they are natural materials.

Tip If You Have Natural White Wicker

If you get nicks or scratches on your natural white wicker furniture you can use a white out product and brush the product on your wicker to renew it. You can also use Krylon spray paint to retouch your white wicker furniture.

Cleaning and Care for your Furniture and Cushions are simple with our premium quality products and will ensure that you enjoy them for many years to come!

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