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Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions FAQ

I donít know which Lloyd Flanders replacement cushion I might need for my furniture. Is there a way Wicker Paradise can help?

Actually, yes! We are very technologically savvy and have helped more than a few customers over email. Shoot a photo on your phone or camera and send it to [EMAIL] for us to review. Weíll get back to you within 24 hours with some ideas on the type of cushion you need, as well as various fabrics you can choose from. Most likely, your cushions belong to one of the "Original Loom" Wicker Collections the company produced, which consist of Reflections, Embassy, Mandalay, Keepsakes, Front Porch and Heirloom styles. You might also be able to find out the make of the cushions by checking the paper tag attached to the cushion. There is often a four or five digit number you can give to our staff that we can use to find the type of cushion youíre looking for. Why do the prices vary between type of fabric? When youíre selecting Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions, youíll have to choose between different grades of fabric. When youíre looking at grades, the scale goes from A-D, least to most expensive. The grade is determined by the quality of the fabric used, like polyester or olefin, but also the complexity of the patter. So if youíre looking for higher grade fabric but donít want to pay an extravagant price you might opt for a plain design to cut costs.

What Do I Need to Know About Outdoor Use?

When you want to use Lloyd Flanders replacement cushions outdoors, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your furniture safe and sound all year long. Mold can grow on your cushions if you donít take the time to care and maintain them. The area around your furniture matters too, as mold will grow on dirt, pollen and other organic types of matter. Anywhere that the surface would remain damp for long periods after rain is susceptible to mold growth. You can find care and maintenance instructions on our website, or with your order when it arrives at your home. Bear in mind that humidity can wreak just as much havoc as cold and damp conditions. If youíre experiencing long periods of humid weather, be sure to take proper precautions. One final note: donít underestimate mother natureís critters. There are definitely stories floating around of damage done to cushions by mice and other rodents, as well as animal scratches and bites from household pets.

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