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Classic Wicker Dining Set

Classic Wicker Dining Set
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Availability:Usually ships in 3-4 business days. Furniture with cushions will ship in 3-4 weeks.
Item Number:yydiningset5
  • Dining Chair: 21 Inches Wide, 25 Inches Deep, 37 Inches High.
  • Dining Table: 29 Inches High, 42 Inches Round.

  • Wicker Dining Set - Classic Style

  • Soft and Graceful simplicity with an elaborate twist.
  • Charm and versatility with the armless dining chairs accompanying the wicker dining table.

  • Our classic wicker dining set is perfect for entertaining or casual dining with ease.

    Classic Wicker Dining Set Features:

    -Made of natural wicker and built to last many years!

    -You can select white wicker finish or antique looking white wash finish for your dining set.

    -Each Dining Chair is extremely durable and comfortable.

    -You will love that these dining chairs have optional bottom cushions.

  • Dining Chair: 21 Inches Wide, 25 Inches Deep, 37 Inches High.
  • Dining Table: 29 Inches High, 42 Inches Round.

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